Mapping Workshop

I offer a two-day workshop for new mappers - but experienced orienteers. I usually organize one in the Ottawa area every spring and out-of-town participants are welcome.

I will travel out-of-town (once or twice a year) but the local club will have to set up a "practice map" area and classroom facilities - with internet if possible. I expect all my travel, accomodation and meal expenses to be covered.

I provide all the basic field checking materials  - mylar, pencils, easels, mapping manual, etc. The cost of materials is about $20 each.

I also need a PC projector for my ppt and map file presentations. I will bring my own PC and scanner. If an ink-jet printer is available that's good but not mandatory. I will bring a GPS unit and rangefinder for short demonstrations only. Students can bring their own GPS units to the field for tracking but I don't use a GPS except for tracking linear features when necessary.

Every student must bring their own PC with OCAD 9 (or higher) installed. An external mouse is required for accurate drawing. I work with OCAD 10 these days (and soon version 11) but all the basic functions covered in the workshop are available in 9. 

Here is the WORKSHOP OUTLINE in .pdf

Contact me at:    bill at wgacarto dot ca